Y-Ventures is certainly not within the category of fundamentally good stocks, at least not now. In fact, it could be one of the poorest performing penny stocks last year. With a spate of accounting issues and relatively in-experience management control, its share price has tumbled from a high of slightly above 70 cents per share slightly more than a year ago in February 2018 to a recent low of 3.8 cents per share in late March/early April 2019, losing about 95% of the value at its peak.

With the total shares issued at about 200 million, and IPO price of $0.22, the market capitalization was about $44 million when listed on catalist in July 2017. The uptrend between Jan 2018 and March 2018 was extremely sharp, seeing its share price rising from about 25 cents to above 70 cents in a matter of two months. Perhaps, its placement to 3V-Ventures helped. However, the accounting fiasco and the getting the ICO compliance in a cryptocurrency joint venture, saw its share price tumbling to a low of 3.8 cents. There was no lack of short-sellers in view of the relatively heavy volume. By the price of around 4 cents, the market capitalization based on the shares issued was about $8 million, (and pre-IPO worth of only $1.4 million based on 35 million pre-IPO placement shares). It had lost 95% of its peak value and was worth only 18% of its IPO price. While it is still a long way to prove that its fundamentals are sound, perhaps, it worth a punt at that kind of price. Hopefully good news follows in time to come.