Wealth Building in Shares Investment Program (3-days)

Three-Day Course – Wealth Building in Shares Investment Program (WBSIP)

This course is meant for more serious learner who wish to build a defensive stock portfolio for both portfolio capital appreciation and passive incomes. The course involves evaluating stocks sector by sector to enable participants build a stocks portfolio over time. This course helps participants select stocks from each sector in the context of the changing economic environment.

  • Understand Financial statements: Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement
  • How to evaluate a manufacturing/production company
  • How to evaluate banks
  • How to evaluate commodities: agricuture, oil palm, precious metals, engineering metals and minerals
  • How to evaluate shipping and offshore sectors
  • How to evaluate properties
  • How to evaluate REITs & Business Trusts
  • Market psychology, human instinct and you
  • How to use technical analysis to assist you in your trade (bonus course).
In this course, you will also learn how to build a software to make help you in the analysis, so that you can able to make unbias, important and powerful decisions in building your portfolio. Students are required to bring along a notebook (computer) to attend the class in one of the three days.The course includes stimulating games and role-plays to enable students learn and retain better during the course.