Wealth Building in Shares Investment Program (2-days)

Two-Day Course – Wealth Building in Shares Investment Program (WBSIP)

This course is meant for more serious learners who wish to build a defensive stock portfolio for both portfolio capital appeciation and passive incomes. The course involves evaluating stocks sector by sector to enable participants build astocks portfolio over time. This course helps participants select stocks from each sector.

  • Understand Financial statements: Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement
  • How to evaluate a manufacturing/production company
  • How to evaluate banks
  • How to evaluate commodities: agricuture, oil palm
  • How to evaluate shipping and offshore sectors
  • How to evaluate properties
  • How to evaluate REITs & Business Trusts
  • Market psychology, human instinct and you
  • How to use technical analysis to assist you in your trade (bonus course).