The flywheel project is a study project to evaluate how a dc motor can be used to drive big flywheel by controlling the speed and direction. The project made us of a very slow speed Arduino Uno microcontroller, DC motor(6RPM) and a motor driver (L298N), which can be used to drive 2 dc motors.

Challenges: The main challenges are not in the electronics, but in the mechanical designs. To save weight as much as possible, there are no fasteners on the flywheel. (Fasteners are used only on the static platform to ensure stability of the system when in rotation.) The hub at the centre are built with very close tolerance to ensure that both the static and rotatable parts that are carried on the same shaft work according to their intended functions. All the rotating arms subtend from the centre are assembled together through proper fit mechanically. The rotating outer ring has to be made sufficiently close to the deck and yet should not hit it, as if it working flywheel re-produced in miniature. The whole transmission from the motor to flywheel are powered using spur gears. All parts are made from home-based 3D-printers.