Now that the verdict is out. Singapore Airlines (SIA) has decided to exercise the option to raise the S$6.2 billion Mandatory Convertible Bonds (MCBs) in June 2021. This option had been proposed and been agreed upon by the SIA shareholders held in an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in April 2020.Continue Reading

Banks have been doing extremely well. They have indeed helped the bank-heavy Straits Times Index (STI) to climb about 22.6% since start of Covid-19 pandemic measured from from beginning March till December 2020. Today it stands at 3200.26. Other than the trio, which have been on the news following theirContinue Reading

Since the last post on scrip dividends, there is still a need to broach on the subject further. In fact, taking scrip dividends appeared to have more downside compare to taking cash dividends during a recessionary period like now. Many of us are aware that taking scrip dividends in lieuContinue Reading

                 Another seminar to educate the public about financial literacy!   You may wish to have a one minute preview of the session. Click on the picture below to see the youtube video clip. If you are interested, do join us next time.  Continue Reading