Capitaland average closing price chart does not seem to change over the years. In fact, the average closing price range has been relatively range bound for the past 10 years, ranging between $3.00 to $3.50. Year 2009 say a big price swing of $1.055 between the high and low. It could be due to the effect of the Global Financial Crisis. I am not able to explain for Year 2011 and 2012. However, for the other years, the swing ranges somewhat between 10% and 15%. So, if one is not too fussy about the small difference, it still presents some trading opportunities in those times. In fact, there were times previously that one can actually timed to buy below $3.00 and sell above $3.30. And that went on for a long time.

Due to the relatively proximity between the median and average, the central theorem appears to be quite applicable to the stock price of Capitaland especially in the recent years. The standard deviation is also very small of less than 10%. Hence, the degree of accuracy in predicting when to buy or sell the stock seemed to higher, at least statistically.