Intrinsic values

The following are some of the intrinsic values of companies using our propietary software. However, it is important to note there are assumptions and forecasts are being applied to the software. if the assumptions or forecasts are not input correctly, it may render the calculations and hence the results to be inaccurate. This is particularly true if the user is not a registered student of BP Wealth Learning Centre LLP as he/she has not undergone proper training to use the software.


While the methodology is highly scientific, the final result depends very much on the inputs and assumptions. It is not able to reflect the general buying and selling behaviour of the market participants using such a classroom method.

BP Wealth Learning Centre LLP and its trainers disclaim any losses of users who use this software to make their trades as the input variables are sensitive and can yield widely varying results especially when the user did not undergo proper training in the use of the software.

(1) Companies discussed during the course on March 2015. 

(2) Intrinsic value of OCBC

(3) Intrinsic value of Stamford Land

(4) Intrinsic value of SPH

(5) Intrinsic value of Capitalmall Trust

(6) Intrinsic value of Yangzijiang

(7) Intrinsic value of Boustead

(8) Intrinsic value of Q&M Dental


(X) Intrinsic value computation