What do we do?

We offer the following complementary services:


Training – Short Courses, Seminars & Workshops

As the saying goes “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”. We believe each of us is in the best position to understand the unique circumstances of our lives and therefore we are all the best persons to manage our own finances. Thus, we offer public and in-house short courses, seminars and workshops to educate individuals on how to make their own financial decisions so that they can become independent of any expert’s advice.

Our main focus areas are Financial Planning, Financial Management and Shares Investment. We offer training in these three core areas only, as we would rather be experts in these areas than just be good in a hundred. Please visit our Programs page to see our upcoming public training schedule.





Coaching is an effective way of integrating the knowledge that you have picked up during training. We offer private sessions to individuals on either one-to-one basis or small group of friends with similar needs. For instance, you may need help to develop your investing plan or to go over concepts that you may be stumbling on.

Our role is to coach and guide you to become more financially self-sufficient so that you will be your own best adviser. One thing we know for sure is that no one is as invested in the success of your money than yourself. Please contact us at 9359 1840 or email to info@bpwlc.com.sg to learn more about our coaching service and for further discussion about your requirements.




Successful share investment is not rocket Science. It is all about taking the time to do research and analysis in the selection of quality shares for your portfolio. There are currently over 740 companies listed on the Singapore Exchange so there are many to choose from to match your investment needs.

If you have a specific interest in a company listed on the Singapore Exchange but do not have the time to do your own research and analysis, let our research team provides an in-depth research coverage of the company for you at a competitive fee. We will then discuss the results of the research with you and leave the next decision to you. Please contact us at 9359 1840 or email to info@bpwlc.com.sg should you require more information.