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Our business is to impart skills through online as well as offline courses and projects related to mechatronics and financial courses.

A number of mechatronics projects have been included in the webpage below, and we will add more whenever appropriate. These are either niche projects or even new inventions. We believe that 80% of the population may not know how to do, or perhaps, not willingly to do. In addition, we also provide on-line mechatronics-related courses such as 3D printing and Fusion 360. More online mechatronics courses on such projects can be found under the courses tab.

In addition, we also provide online financial courses. The financial courses can be viewed under the courses tab too. Viewers may view the financial blog under the blog tab on this webpage.

Today’s Highlight

We are pleased to make a replica of the National Theatre that had been demolished more than 30 year ago. In the eyes of the senior generations, this is the people’s theatre because it represents the heart and soul of every Singaporean at that time. Many Singaporeans, whether rich or poor contributed to the success in the construction of this theatre, which is one of the earliest monuments since its independence in 1965. It is indeed a building that was contributed by the true, blue Singaporeans during the early days of Singapore independence and was not passed down by our colonial masters. Trishaw riders, coolies, shipyard labourers, bus-drivers, construction workers, despite their meagre earnings, donated generously to help build this theatre that stood at the foot of Fort Canning Hill facing the inland side (River Valley Road) of Singapore. Unfortunately, the building had to tear down to make way for road constructions. It was not financially viable to support the building structure, in particular the cantilever roof that stretched into the open at the foot of Fort Canning Hill.  Even today, it still pains the heart of many Singaporeans at the demise of this historical monument. Talk to some of these people, and they can relate to you the wonderful memories that they had on this wonderful monument. Unfortunately, all these stories can only exist in history.

National Theatre

The building was demolished many years ago and we do not have any privy information to the dimensions for this building. Short of the data, we collate dimensional information based on the past images and using the techniques of proportionality, constructional geometry and trigonometry constructed a 3D-replica of this historical monument that once stood dominantly at the foot of Fort Canning Hill. Every single structure in this replica is geometrically constructed, modelled and then 3D printed. We are certainly pleased to present it here. In the near future, we hope to add features like LED lightings to make it even more exciting.

This is a design for dripping out the bottle content to reduce food wastage. The difficulty in the design is the movement from a stowed position to a standing position and vice versa. The paths (or in technical term, the loci) of the components can get in the way of each other, thus causing the whole design to fail.

A food bottle holder

With the Covid-19 still haunting us, we need to continue to observe the social distancing 1-m in our daily interactions. This is a simple gadget to enable us to keep our safe distance from those we come into contact with.


Updated : May 2021

The National Theatre

A table lamp

A wall-mounted lamp

A food water holder


Teleprompter Project

Teleprompter Project – A teleprompter is a device to help new-readers and course creators to speak naturally when on-screen. As we all know, it is not easy to speak in front of video cameras. Even teachers and course instructors who have a lot experience speaking to a class of students, ‘freeze’ when attempting to speak in front of video cameras. The invention of such a device greatly fills the need for many of these people. However, a commercially available teleprompter is a relatively expensive investment. Wannabe online instructors may find it expensive in view that their investments in these hard-wares may not yield the right return. Given its relatively simple design, many people attempt to build one instead of buying one, at least for the start. Consequently, many tried to make home-made teleprompters, many of which are made from card-boards and plywood.

Colour Sorting Machine Project

Colour Sorting Machine Project: Many machines are able to sort out items based on shapes, sizes, weights and, possibly texture. However, sorting by colour and smell accurately are near to impossible. The reason why colour is difficult to sort out is that there are so many colour combinations that we need to use numbers to represent them. (Can you imagine just a colour of red can have 255 shades of red colour and if we want to have a combination of 7 rainbows colours in different shades, how many possibilities do we get into?)

The FlyWheel Project

The flywheel project is a study project to evaluate how a dc motor can be used to drive big flywheel by controlling the speed and direction. The project made us of a very slow speed Arduino Uno microcontroller, DC motor(6RPM) and a motor driver (L298N), which can be used to drive 2 dc motors.

Challenges:   The main challenges are not in the electronics, but in the mechanical designs. To save weight as much as possible, there are no fasteners on the flywheel. (Fasteners are used only on the static platform to ensure stability of the system when in rotation.) The hub at the centre are built with very close tolerance to ensure that both the static and rotatable parts that are carried on the same shaft work according to their intended functions. All the rotating arms subtend from the centre are assembled together through proper fit mechanically.

Read Financial Statements as a Stock Investor

A lot of people see reading financial report as a chore. Many do not have patience, or simply do not have time, to read the financial reports. The first glance of the 200-pages report is good enough to put shareholders off, let alone going into the report details. In fact, quite a number of information can be picked up from the financial reports if one has the patience to look into them. One of the key elements in yearly or quarterly reports is the financial report. Together with the accompanying notes, financial reports form the bulk of the annual or quarterly reports. It has to be because company financial is the lifeline of a company.  ….<<Read More>>

Five steps to Stock Investing

Stock investing can be both an easy or an extremely difficult task. The reason is that the stock market moves so randomly that that it is almost impossible to predict the movements of the stock market, let alone the prices of individual stocks in the stock market. In a nutshell, a few factors can affect stock prices. First, there is company performance. Also, there are always macro-economic factors surrounding the stock.  Then there are other factors as well such as political, market sentiments and market players with different investing objectives and time-frame. ….<<Read More>>

Stocks 101

This is a complete course that takes you from personal finance, reading financial statements, analysis, stock valuation, identifying common mistakes make by investors and traders, psychology and trade executions. Investing in stocks is not just simply what stocks to buy and sell. It requires some planning and applying the right strategies to make one become a real winner. Stocks 101 is a 6-hour course that takes students from the most elementary stage of personal finance and reading financial statements right to trade executions. All the examples and case studies are existing public-listed companies. This is to enable students to apply the learned concepts to the real public-listed companies. After all, the idea of learning about stocks investments is all about applying to buy or sell real stocks, isn’t it? …<<Read more>>

Investing for success: Grow your wealth

Apart from applying protection and defensive strategies, we need to invest as well. Just as the economists say – we have unlimited wants but we have limited means. We are always a consumer of some sort, from the time when we are born into this world to the time when we leave this world. Unfortunately, we do not have all the earning power for the whole period of time. Our earning life-stage is only between our mid-20s to our mid-60s, at best. In other words, it is only 40 years at most. And, very often, this stage is infested with a lot of disruptions, such as retrenchments, sickness, incapacitation or becoming a caregiver to family members. Even if we managed to sail smoothly in this life-stage, inflation compounding at just 2% per year is good enough to wipe us out financially. So, there is always a need to have some kind of passive incomes to help us….<<Read More>>